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Sun Bandit Turns Four Declaring New Articles of Energy Independence and Financial Freedom for All

Sun BanditOn July 4, 2017, Sun Bandit commemorated the fourth anniversary of its entry into the solar water heating marketplace by issuing 4 articles of energy independence, whose tenets are lowering costs of solar market entry for consumers while raising the very-real value proposition of solar water heating in wildly-diverse markets around the world.


Upon introducing Sun Bandit four years ago, the experienced, enterprising and persistent team at Sun Bandit parent Next Generation Energy laid groundwork for the road less traveled, paving the way to realize 10 Solar Milestones that afford Sun Bandit’s brand of PV-powered solar hybrid water heating and storage the credentials to build consumer confidence. And, with certifications spawned from UL, ICC-SRCC and Energy Star to guarantee safety and performance -- the street cred to succeed.


These four articles of Sun Bandit’s Declaration of Energy Independence are fueling new financial freedom for consumers – and new revenue opportunities for builders, contractors, architects and energy experts:


Article 1: Independence from Freezing and Ongoing Maintenance Issues Plaguing Old-School Solar Water Heating – The seeds for Sun Bandit were sown on July 4, 2013, when Next Generation Energy (NGE) launched an all-hands-on-deck effort to identify and clear many of the hurdles inhibiting widespread solar water heating adoption. In response, a PV-powered solar water heating solution was forged that eliminates fluids, leaks, pump stations, overheating, stagnation, freezing and the complicated installation and maintenance issues that can plague traditional mechanical solar water heating systems.


Article 2: Grid Independence – Sun Bandit’s patented, PV-powered solar hybrid water heating systems are grid-independent, requiring no net-meter, no long-term contracts and no long waits for utility approval. And on days when the sun doesn’t shine – or during power outages – Sun Bandit optimizes energy production with an arsenal of built-in back-up and storage options. In on- and off-grid situations, Sun Bandit can be configured with a small wind turbine or battery storage and use grid-fed electricity, natural gas or propane as back-up to reliably deliver hot water when its needed. 


Article 3: Independence from Fossil Fuel Pollutants – Energy Star-listed Sun Bandit adds value to Passive Home Institute (PHIUS) builders, contractors and homeowners with a shared vision of delivering high-performance clean tech solutions that save money, allow people to live more comfortably and reduce the carbon emissions that are polluting our environment and contributing to climate change. says using Energy Star-certified solar water heaters to heat or preheat water not only cuts energy bills by around 50 percent, it prevents up to 4,000 pounds of carbon dioxide from entering the atmosphere annually – per household. 


Article 4: Financial Independence – With dropping module prices and a 30% federal Investment Tax Credit, the value proposition for Sun Bandit’s brand of PV-powered solar water heating has never been better. There are many variables to consider in the payback equation. Geography, climate, local utility rates, the availability of local and state incentives, household energy consumption, maintenance needs. Sun Bandit delivers across that entire spectrum. It’s performing in geographically-diverse markets from Alaska to St. Croix. And Sun Bandit’s value proposition is proving itself in US states from Hawaii (with the nation’s highest electric rates) to Idaho (where electricity rates are among the lowest).

“We’re celebrating four with more,” said Next Generation Energy CEO Dave Kreutzman, “More weather-resistant, maintenance-free dependability; more innovation and versatility in Sun Bandit’s heating and storage capabilities; more simplified installation, pricing and product selection – and more confidence that Sun Bandit can deliver free hot water and stored energy in conditions spanning a range of over 180 degrees Fahrenheit.” 

With consumers’ penchant for PV, plummeting PV prices, contractor aversion to the maintenance issues associated with old-school solar thermal and the support of a growing network of smart, forward-thinking contractors, engineers, energy experts and policymakers, Sun Bandit is redefining solar water heating as we know it – now, and for years to come.

As newly-elected president of the Florida Solar Energy Industries Association (FlaSEIA), Solar Trek, Inc. President Patrick Altier observes, “Until recently, solar water heating was considered expensive. But with a 25-year warranty on PV modules versus the 10-year warranty of traditional solar thermal collectors, a 30% tax credit, freeze-resistant properties and a low-maintenance configuration, the value proposition is not only believable, it’s a no-brainer. There are going to be a lot of winners here.”


View the news release on Sun Bandit’s Declaration of Energy Independence by clicking here.

Sun Bandit® is a trademark-registered, patented product innovation of Colorado-based Next Generation Energy (NGE®), whose expertise in PV, solar thermal and off-grid system design have been delivering high-performing, money-saving renewable energy solutions to commercial, utility-scale, governmental, individual and multi-family housing interests for over 30 years.

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