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CIA Veteran Enlists Sun Bandit to Take Solar “Underground”

Eighty five-year-old CIA veteran Joe Kelly’s lifetime of covert military service had him operating on and off the grid in 45 countries spanning over 22 years.
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Grow Your Business Regardless of the Incentive Landscape

Today, consumer rebates and other financial incentives for reducing energy consumption or going solar can vary dramatically from state to state and utility to utility. Fortunately, Sun Bandit is specifically designed to help consumers save energy and money, regardless of the incentive environment.
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Next Generation Energy® Receives ICC-SRCC OG-300 Certification for Sun Bandit® Solar PV Water Heating System

Sun Bandit® by Next Generation Energy® has reached new heights in setting new standards for solar water heating. Sun Bandit’s patented micro-grid technology has defined a new category for solar water heating, influencing new Solar Rating Certification Corporation (ICC-SRCC) OG-100 and OG-300 standards. The result? A groundbreaking on-site energy storage solution with OG-300 certification for a revolutionary PV-based solar thermal water heating system.
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Did you know

You probably know that Sun Bandit is the most revolutionary way to heat water since fire. But, there are lots of innovative, game-changing facts about Sun Bandit that you may not know yet.
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The Solar Job Scoop

From residential rooftop systems to large-scale, utility grade projects, construction of the solar infrastructure is creating jobs faster than any other energy segment.
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Solar Energy: To Lease or To Own?

Solar is becoming more and more popular as PV prices decrease and electricity bills increase. But when it comes to installing a solar array on a home, should you lease or buy?
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Snow and Solar: What snow means for your solar array

Snowy states such as Colorado, Massachusetts, Delaware and New Jersey are also top solar states. So what issues do snow raise for solar panels, and do snowy states conquer those issues?
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What Do the New Solar Trade Tariffs Mean for US Solar Industry

The discussion surrounding duties on Chinese and Taiwanese solar PV imports has been a hot topic in the solar industry for many months. With many of the top PV manufacturers located in these countries, U.S. solar professionals have been waiting with bated breath to hear the final decision from the US Department of Commerce. This Tuesday, December 17th, they got their answer. The Dept. of Commerce announced its decision to impose a base rate of 165% on all Chinese shipments.
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Successful Sun Bandit Installation in Tennessee

Our friends at Firewater Solutions recently installed at a 13kW grid tied system and an 80 gallon Sun Bandit® with Trina Solar 285W panels in Bristol, Tennessee.
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Facts about Solar Resale Value

For many homeowners, the key benefit to going solar is the decreased monthly electric bill. But a lesser-discussed perk of owning a solar home is the increased home resale value.
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