Size Your Sun Bandit®

Step 1: Determine Your Hot Water Needs

By selecting your back-up Fuel Type and State, the calculator will estimate the amount of hot water that will be produced on average for the number of solar modules indicated. A typical household uses an average of 15 gallons of hot water per person per day. So, a family of two uses about 30 gallons of hot water a day while a family of four uses about 60 gallons of hot water per day.

Select Your Fuel Type

Select Your State

Note: The information provided is an estimate based on 300W Modules at a 23 deg tilt facing due South and average irradiance levels. Values may change based on location. Array performance is based on NREL TMY3 data. This is not a guarantee of performance but rather an estimate of Sun Bandit® capabilities.


Step 2: Determine Your Storage Needs

With Sun Bandit®, tank size determines the amount of storage and fuel type determines back-up from the utility. For electric back-up systems choose a tank size greater than the estimated average daily hot water production to achieve maximum on-site energy storage.

Electric Water Heater Spec Sheet

Gas Water Heater Spec Sheet